short square nails with light purple artsy flower design

21 Purple Flower Nail Ideas For A Magical Spring Mani

Lilac, lavender, and all the blossoming purple flowers bring a sprinkle of witchery and mysticism to the season. I love purple and in my teen years, it was my favorite color. If you are looking for some purple inspo for your Spring mani, you found it! I selected some of the most popular, trendy, cute, and pretty purple flower nail ideas for a magical manicure. As usual, you’ll find a little bit of everything, with designs for short and long nails and all types of flower art, from simple to artsy.

I hope you have a lot of fun saving all your favorites.

Either you buy some beautiful stickers or you need someone with a lot of artistic skills to recreate these stunning designs.

How cute are these designs? You can go for tiny flowers or a floral French tip and have a fairy Spring manicure.

long square nails with white and purple french tips and flower design
Nail art by: @nailzkatkat

The white botanical on a light purple base is chic and delicate.

Nail art by: @paiwaloves

The purple base with white flowers is a cool twist to the white and purple floral combo and it can go from cute cottagecore to fun 70s depending on the shade of purple and the dimension of the flowers.

Nail art by: @nails_byluciia

Geometric + lines + thick French tips + purple flowers. She combined 4 designs and came up with a soft and fun floral manicure.

Nail art by: @nailsbysmf

Nail art by: @nails_byluciia

The most romantic and feminine color combination for any time of the year.

Nail art by: @pearliepressed

As soon as Summer approaches, it’s time to add some contrast and brighter colors to your nail garden.

Oh, the purple glitter with pale yellow is giving fairy dust in the garden vibes.

Nail art by: @artdecom

All shades of green are a good match with all shades of purple for blooming nail design.

Nail art by:

When purple meets purple.

The most iconic purple flower, the lavender. From the South of France straight to the tip of your hands.

Nail art by: @pearliepressed

What’s your favorite purple flower nail design for Spring?

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Love, Stella

I started doing my nails weekly in the 90s, when I was 12 years old. It's safe to say that the vast majority of you wasn't even born yet. Here, I share my passion with the most beautiful and aesthetic nail designs and ideas I find online.

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