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Simple Spring Nails: 12 Easy and Cute Designs for 2024

My first post on this blog covered everything from classic to trendy nail designs for Spring 2024. Now, I’m getting full bloom into the season, with a list of easy and simple nail art for Spring. Since I started doing my nails, almost 30 years ago (!), simple has been my choice. I remember, however, when I was around 15 y.o. that I became obsessed with florals and I spent hours with awful toothpicks and zero skills trying to draw flowers on my nails. I’m unsure if I gave up for lack of skills or if the trend faded away. What I do know is that Instagram is packed with way more talented artists, so we can get really good ideas for easy nail designs.

Therefore, here are the cutest yet easy and simple nail designs for Spring. Have fun!

Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. That’s all you have to do to create the easiest flower nail design. You can use a professional dot pen or even a toothpick and practice until it’s perfect. If you’re not into doing your manicure, any good nail artist will master these easy floral nail arts. Therefore, here are some of the cutest and simplest floral nail designs to inspire you!

French tip + Single daisy
Nail art by: @gelsbybry

The combination of white and yellow goes a long way for floral nail art. The classic daisy pallete is neutral, soft, and adorable. Perfect for lovers of cottagecore aesthetic.

Half flowers in contrasting colors
Nail art by: @lindseysbeautylounge1

Combining two contrasting colors is an easy yet bold way to spice things up a little bit. The half flowers on the corner of two fingers add Spring to the tip of your hands, so you can go as far as you want with this design.

Pink and orange burst manicure
Nail art by: @beautyspace_charlotte

This delicate nail art could be used in a garden wedding by a romantic bride. It’s cute, delicate, and minimalist.

Tiny white flowers on shiny nude nail polish
Nail art by: @nails.by.iz_

This delicate nail art could be used in a garden wedding by a romantic bride. It’s cute, delicate, and minimalist.

Nail art by: @manik_hub

This design isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s a simple idea with some sparkle.

A blossoming floral art
Nail art by: @vivianmariewong

Spread pink, red, and white flowers randomly across your nails for this simple floral garden effect.

Mint & lavender for a fresh manicure
Nail art by: @gelsbybry

It could be a refreshing tea, a breeze cologne, or a scented flower arrangement. Whichever way you combine mint and lavender, the outcome will be cool and cute, especially for Spring manicures.

Pastel pink and light purple with swirls
Nail art by: @monika__nails

Swirls are the second-easiest nail art you can learn. All you need is a fine brush and a little practice. Here, a classic color combination of purple and pink to please all the girlie girls

Abstract pastel with swirls for simple spring nail design
Nail art by: @thenaillologist

The sky is the limit with swirls and pastels, so this abstract idea goes a long way for a Spring manicure with a modern touch.

Nail art by: @themaniclub

Ombré nails are the simplest and easiest way no wonder they are so popular. All you have to do is pick your favorite color in the same palette and pop one on each nail.

Nail art by: @nails.by.iz_

After you nail (pun intended) the dot and the brush line technique, designing a cherry will be

Nail art by: @samrosenails

This skittle design is from 2022 but no wonder why it has over 40K likes on Instagram. As easy as the ombré, all you have to do is pick your favorite spring colors and have fun.

Remember to follow me on Pinterest for more nail ideas. And please, let me know in the comments if you copy the ideas as they are or if you use them as inspiration, but always add your personal touch.

Love, Stella

I started doing my nails weekly in the 90s, when I was 12 years old. It's safe to say that the vast majority of you wasn't even born yet. Here, I share my passion with the most beautiful and aesthetic nail designs and ideas I find online.

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