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53 Easy – But Creative – Nail Art For Short Nails (Even Beginners Will Make Them At Home)

This post is for people developing a manicure skillset but with a refined aesthetic sense and want the best nail design they can have. When we enter the nail design universe (it’s a one-way ticket, by the way) we start from the basics like gliding that brush seamlessly, coat after coat. Therefore, we don’t have to invest in complex expensive tools or be intimidated by those state-of-the-art nail designs. Every skill set starts from the not-so-good and evolves with practice and perseverance. So, whether you do your manicure at home for fun, to save money, or to develop a professional craft (great money there!), there are a lot of creative and cute easy nail art for beginners, especially for short nails. After all, not only do acrylics and extensions add an extra cost, but they call for a specific lifestyle that is slightly exclusive.

So, I decided to put together this very comprehensive post with the nail designs I find the easiest for beginners to replicate at home with none or only a couple of affordable tools (even a toothpick will do the job). There are a lot of cool ideas, from minimalist dots to classic French tips and simple flowers.

I hope you have a lot of fun saving all your favorites.

The most basic art principle we can use for a beautiful manicure is how to play with the colors. Therefore pick the colors according to the event or season and you’ll have a stylish manicure. With time, you’ll gain the confidence to play with the colors and develop your manner. So here’s a 101 lazy color scheme for beginners.

  • Bright Colors for Summer
  • Browns for Fall
  • Pastels for Spring
  • Blues and Greys for Winter
  • Pinks and Reds for Valentine’s
  • Whites and Nudes for Wedding & Bridal
  • Glitter for Christmas and Festive
  • Black and Purple for Halloween

Now, off we go to the simple designs for short nails.

So, first things first. If we are talking about beginners level zero of manicure skills we must start with the basics: mastering the art of gliding that brush smoothly and only that. No matter how amazing your nail art inspirations are, you must be able to create an impeccable base without any tools. Also, it’s a great exercise to boost creativity and get familiar with different lacquer finishes and colors. The number of possible combinations is endless, therefore, they work for every season.

So, the easiest nail designs you can make without tools are:

  • Glitter, Chrome, Matte
  • Gradients, Skittles, Geometrics
  • A classic French tip, but micro

So, here is some cute, pretty, classic, and trendy hassle-free-tool-free nail art for beginners in training.

Monochromatic, gradient, or contrasting colors. This is the easiest idea for short nails ever. No tools, only lacquers and creativity (or the best inspos you can find online). If you feel insecure about combining colors, start with my basic cheat-tip color scheme until you feel confident enough to play with bolder mixes.

This is the trendiest manicure for this year and it is flashy. The chrome lacquer is pure nail art, even if you just put it on your nails without any design. Therefore, it’s a great design trick for beginners because the chrome will elevate any easy idea, from Frenchie to dots, to a design standard.

No glow, no gloss, no shimmer. Only an opaque finish to create the most authentic and moody nail art.

Fun, colorful, freestyle, lazy-friendly. Pick your favorite colors and have fun with them, You can follow the seasonal color palette or go completely rogue and play with the shades any way you like.

So much effect for no effort. The gradient or ombré nails are so soothing.

The rule is that there are no rules. Whether you go with organic or sharp edges, the geometric and abstract nail designs are a freestyle to play with.

As you must know, I am such a dinosaur in the world of nails that I was breathing and doing my nails for almost a decade when the Frenchies became trendy in the early 2000s. Back there, the only tool we had to design a French tip was a brush and a lot of patience. After a while, we started using stickers, but some purist nail technicians were against it. Mastering the art of the perfect French tip with the lacquer brush was a batch of honor. Nowadays there are brushes specific for French tips and each person has their favorite technique. Call me a purist, but I bow every time I see an artist making a perfect Frenchie freehand, only using the brush.

As you can see, the Frenchies work on round, almond, square, squoval, and any shape of short nails and they are so much easier to do on short nails than on long. One glide of the brush and you’re done.

The gold glitter Frenchie is one of the easiest Christmas/Festive nail arts you can make at home without any tools to get a wow effect. The bright greens are perfect for Summer, pastels for Spring and the classic white Frenchies are as bridal as a nail design can get.

For simple mani designs, the most basic tools, please. You can design tons of simple nail art with a dotting tool (or a toothpick), a line painting brush (or a cutout regular brush), and any sticker (a Post-it will do it). I listed the cutest, most fun, and easiest nail art you can make at home using some or all of these 3 cheap tools. These designs can go from minimal to funky, depending on how you combine them, and which colors you use, and they will go as far as your imagination and skills can take you.

So, here are the easiest nail designs you can make with a few affordable tools, from easier to less easy:

  • Dots
  • Flowers
  • Swirls
  • Lines
  • Cuffs
  • Hearts
  • Christmas
  • Halloween

That’s it. This is the post. Dip and dot, dip and dot, dip and dot. This is the easiest nail art one can make using a tool. As you can see from the amazing ideas, you can go from the most minimalist (lazy?) tiny dot to a very festive Christmas manicure. Play with the colors and let your creativity run wild!

Make five dots in a circular shape and add a sixth dot in the middle and you have the easiest floral nail design one can accomplish. You can buy a dot tool or simply go with a toothpick. Even though Spring is the main season for floral nail art, the blossoming dots are just as welcome for Fall, Summer, and Winter.

When purple meets purple.

Thin, thick, single, geometric. There are endless easy ideas to recreate with lines and all you need is a relatively firm hand and some confidence to strike your lines. The thicker, the easier, of course. But once you get the grip, there’s no boredom with this easy nail art.

Believe it or not, the cuff design needs a bit more hand control than the Frenchie if you don’t wish to have tons of lacquer on your finger. In the beginning, you’ll do a lot of cleaning around the cuticles, but keep going

Even for easy nail design, love takes effort. For heart nail art, the bigger, the easier because it needs less cunning.

Forget about trees, Santa Claus, or garlands. The easiest way to accomplish a gorgeous Christmas nail is to stick to green, red, silver, and gold and turn any easy design into a festive idea.

Stick with simple ideas and organic shapes for a cute and easy Halloween manicure. Ghost and Blood Drips are my favorites.

What’s your favorite easy nail art for short nails? Are they beginner-friendly or what?

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Love, Stella

I started doing my nails weekly in the 90s, when I was 12 years old. It's safe to say that the vast majority of you wasn't even born yet. Here, I share my passion with the most beautiful and aesthetic nail designs and ideas I find online.

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