short square nails with white base orange and hot pink floral design

The Best Flower Nail Designs For Short Nails

Continuing my obsession with Spring nails, I gathered the most beautiful and popular flower nail designs for short nails. After all, the vast majority of nail art is on top of long or extra-long acrylics, but there’s a lot of inspiring nail art for short nails on Instagram. I grouped them according to nail shape, round/oval, and square because I am a freak about categorization and organization. You’ll find a little bit of everything, from super easy and minimalist floral ideas to elaborate 3D sculptures. Everything on short nails.

As I always say, please go to your favorite nail artists’ Instagram page and follow them! Let’s support one another in things that really matter like growing each other’s businesses and supporting creatives. I hope you love these manicure ideas.

Nail art by: @paiwaloves

What can I say about this exuberant flower garden? The technique is beyond advanced level and the creativity is

Nail art by: @rachelsbeauty_

Grab every purple nail polish you can find to recreate this magical flower garden on your fingers. I love how she takes turns between French tips and cuffs. Such a simple idea with a brilliant effect.

Nail art by: @clichenailstudi

Turquoise is the most joyful shade of blue, in my humble opinion and it’s so Y2K! Who didn’t pair a big turquoise necklace with a formal shirt to hit the club back in the day?

Nail art by: @nailsbykatiedutra

Tulips and delicate colorful flowers for a classic yet fun manicure.

Nail art by: @cg.nailsvd

This nail design could be basic, but the big single half flower and the contrasting blue and pink make it such an eye-catcher.

Nail art by: @makaromero_nailsart

Three shades of pink plus chrome and velvety texture prove that all it takes to make a stunning manicure is a lot of creativity.

Nail art by: @__shanails__

Pink flowers on red for the baddies who are feeling the Spring vibes.

Nail art by: @mileidy_nails

Purple, pink, gold, and my new obsession: 3D tiny flowers on short nails.

Nail art by: @nailsbylouisadominique

A nude milky base will accept any design you put on it. These blue flowers with green stems are a cute combination, aren’t they?

Nail art by: @_by_shelley

A nude backdrop with bright pink and orange flowers is a great way to adopt colorful flowers, whether you love them or are trying new things.

Nail art by: @clichenailstudio

If a mermaid visited a nail salon and asked for a floral design, this is what she would choose. Very feminine, with a French tip on the ring finger plus glitter and whimsical scales.

Nail art by: @nailsby_ayla

This is my favorite set! It’s bright, joyful, fun, and cute, and I love the contrast between white and hot colors.

Nail art by: @nailsbykatiedutra

Not only does this set need advanced manicure skills but it also requires a lot of time and patience. The gold lines around the light purple flowers elevate this design to the next level and it’s perfect for a garden wedding.

Nail art by: @safinailstudio

Tiny flowers are a safe choice for short nails for the most obvious reasons. This dark blue minimalist design is kind of abstract and modern, so you don’t need tons of skills. And how cute is it?

Nail art by: @__shanails__

I would never have thought of 3D flowers for short nails, but now that I see it, I love it. I’d have kept the middle finger in solid green instead of the gold art, but I like how edgy it is.

Nail art by: @nailsbypaulin

Of course, anyone can pull this design but the tiny white flower with the golden line on the ring finger is so bridal that I can hear the wedding march playing.

Tiny white flowers on shiny nude nail polish
Nail art by:

This delicate nail art could be used in a garden wedding by a romantic bride. It’s cute, delicate, and minimalist. If you love easy nail designs, here is a post with simple nail art for spring.

Nail art by: @_by_shelley

I’m often amazed by how much art can be done on the tips of the nails. These black, white, and yellow flowers embody a modern, yet fun Spring/Summer vibe.

Half flowers in contrasting colors
Nail art by: @lindseysbeautylounge1

Combining two contrasting colors is an easy yet bold way to spice things up a little bit. The half flowers on the corner of two fingers add Spring to the tip of your hands, so you can go as far as you want with this design.

Nail art by: @__shanails__

If you think short nails can not make a statement, cover them in neon polish with psychedelic flowers and everyone will be looking at your hands.

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What’s your favorite design? Please let me know in the comments and tell me what you want to see next!

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