long square nails with white french tips green ombre cuff with glitter

13 White French Tips With Glitter Nail Ideas For Weddings, Christmas & Festive Nails

Glitter is the most easy-to-wear polish finish for those who want a glam art effect, but lack professional manicure skills or want to keep their nails simple, but with a wow effect. Glitter nails with white tips are perfect for brides, wedding guests, bridesmaids, maid of honor, Christmas, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and all sorts of festive nails. So, in this post, you’ll find thin, micro, thick, V-shape white French tips with the most creative glitter designs, from uber-simple to luxurious. Have fun!

I am obsessed with simple nail designs because they are accessible for beginners and minimalist people. So, nothing can be easier than the combination of white and glitter Frenchies. The wow effect is guaranteed.

Creativity, creativity, creativity. She made this insanely beautiful green ombré with glitter on the base and kept the classic white Frenchie on the tips and wow, wow, wow it’s pure art.

Nail art by: @metsko_nails

Half or classic Frenchies, with or without cuffs. You get the idea. Snowflake is the traditional Winter nail art and as you can see, it’s the perfect match for white French tips and glitter.

There’s always room for timeless nail design.

White Frenchies are a white canvas so the sky is the limit. Look how she played with the colors and the glitter to create an elevated pink flower design for Spring.

Nail art by: @aguilarnails

If you want to get into the Spring vibe but no colors on the horizon, botanicals are a great idea. You can make white flowers too.

Nail art by: @manik_hub 

Spectacular. Even if you don’t have the luxurious crystal deer, white Frenchies plus red glitter combo is a glamorous nail design for Christmas.

Nail art by: @heygreatnails

In case you want to draw attention to a certain finger.

Nail art by: @aguilarnails

Sharp, but not really.

Nail art by: @aguilarnails

The classic, but stunning, white Frenchie with glitter frame plus an art of your choice. Simple, fun, creative. I love it.

Nail art by: @aguilarnails

What’s your favorite idea of white French tips with glitter nail art? Simple or luxurious? Please let me know in the comments!

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Love, Stella

I started doing my nails weekly in the 90s, when I was 12 years old. It's safe to say that the vast majority of you wasn't even born yet. Here, I share my passion with the most beautiful and aesthetic nail designs and ideas I find online.

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