long oval nail with neutral floral design

13 Neutral Spring Nails To Copy Right Now

Spring is the season of pastels and candy colors. So, when we think about neutral Spring nails we want the florals and pastels, but we want them toned down. The pretty way of doing it is to weaken the colors in a sea of nudes and white bases. So, for this post, I dug deep into my nail ideas archives to bring floral, pastel, light pink, botanical, and everything Spring in designs that do not pop. These nail arts are perfect for anyone who wants to get into the season mood but with a low profile, discrete manicure.

In this set, the artists won at nailing the neutral floral design.

Nail art by: @nadia_nail_nch

White flowers are a classic and look how cute and elegant this set is combined with French tips.

Nail art by: @thehotblend

I’d never have thought light purple and white Frenchies could be a neutral Spring design but look at this beauty.

Nail art by: @themaniclub

I’m obsessed with how light lavender/purple can make a discrete yet colorful base for neutral Spring nail art. See how it elevated the white botanicals.

Nail art by: @paiwaloves

There’s a fine line between neutral florals for Spring and Fall. However, as soon as I see an artificial limit (except legal and immigration), I tend to ignore it. This earthy set works beautifully as a neutral floral design for Spring as well as for Fall.

long oval nail with earthy floral design
Nail art by: @artdecom

Nude (all shades of nude) is another universal neutral lacquer color that works every time, every season, for every mood.

light nude polish on long oval nails
Nail art by: @avrnailswatches

I love how she used the colors and geometry to create a modern set with a touch of color. It’s one of my favorite neutral designs in this post.

short oval nails with nude base light pink and white single thin lines
Nail art by: @nadia_nail_nch

White milky is the nail design that works for every season, occasion, nail shape, and length. Is it the most creative nail art ever invented? Hell, no. But it works every single time.

short almond nails with watercolor botanical art in green and light brown
Nail art by: @nadia_nail_nch

When gold is a detail around delicate white flowers, it adds a sophisticated touch to a neutral design.

white and gold floral nail art

The secret for a neutral nail with glitter is to go for thin particles, and soft colors and make sure it’s only a detail in the design, like this classic French tip.

glitter french tip design on short square nails
Nail art by: @aimeestokesbeauty

Black and white flowers are such a neutral but fun design for Spring. This set has maximalist thick white flowers with Frenchies, creating this funky 70s aesthetic. But the sky is the limit and the possibilities of combinations are endless.

french tips and black and white flowers design on short square nails
Nail art by: @aimeestokesbeauty

What’s your favorite neutral nail design for Spring?

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Love, Stella

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