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27 Cute Glitter Nail Ideas For Every Festive Occasion

Are you looking for a cute glitter nail design for your Birthday, wedding, Christmas, or just because? I selected the cutest, most adorable cute glitter nail designs for you to copy. Sparkling hearts, rainbows, stars, French tips, butterflies, ombrés… My obsession with nail design knows no limits, clearly, so here are the prettiest cutest nail ideas to save for your best events.

Are glitter nails tacky?

I’ve been doing my nails for almost 30 years now. Yes, THIRTY. So, I have seen it all, from the complete absence of nail design to the current Instagram frenzy. So I have credentials to state that glitter nails are not tacky. And I tell you more: nothing is tacky because who permitted anyone to judge what people like? If you like glitter girl, don’t let anyone dim your sparkle. Put on your nails, make-up, and clothes as much shine as you can and spread your light because this is your life and no one is entitled to tell you how to show up in it.

Now off we go to the cutest glitter nail ideas I could find!

Thin glitter Frenchies are the cutest and they work for every nail shape and length.

Pink is halfway to cute nail art, so combining it with delicate bows, clouds, hearts, and flowers is guarantee of success.

Honestly, every flower design is cute by nature, therefore the sky is the limit.

Nail art by: @heygreatnails

Gift wrap mistletoe, baubles, minimalist.

Nail art by: @heygreatnails

What’s your favorite cute glitter nail idea? Simple or luxurious? Please let me know in the comments!

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Love, Stella

I started doing my nails weekly in the 90s, when I was 12 years old. It's safe to say that the vast majority of you wasn't even born yet. Here, I share my passion with the most beautiful and aesthetic nail designs and ideas I find online.

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