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31 Blue Nails With Flower Designs For Spring, Summer, and Winter

Blue flowers are rare in nature and like everything rare, we have a tendency to be drawn to them. It’s not different with blue floral designs for nails. The color has enough shade variation for most seasons of the year. So it goes from delicate Spring pastels to bright Summer all the way to moody Winter navy. So, in this post, I picked the most precious blue blooms from my ideas garden (so poetic!). As usual, there’s a nail art for everyone, from easy beginner’s level, such as dot-dot daisies to elaborate handpainted work-of-art.

Nail art by: @simlynail

Blue on blue on blue. Combining different shades of the same color is an easy and safe way to create designs that look elaborate but require little skill. Also, they are fun without going over the top with different colors. An excellent idea for minimalists and low-profile people who want to add some color to their manicures but don’t want to mix different colors.

Nail art by: @phoebesummernails

Any design works with French tip and any French tip can be elevated with a pretty design.

Nail art by: @phoebesummernails

Can your something blue be a floral nail design? Absolutely yes. This elegant design is perfect for bridals getting marrid at outdoorsy, enchanted forest, magical garden weddings. I’d keep the floral handpainted art fo the ring finger only.

I love it when I find similar designs on nails of different shapes and lengths because it reinforces my belief that every art works on any kind of nail, it’s only a matter of preference.

If you want to bring florals into Winter while staying in the moody mood of the season, this kind of artsy handpainted dark blue flower art is perfect for the occasion. But they also work beautifully for a chic and sober manicure for the rest of the year.

And as you can see, the dark blue florals are perfect on different nail shapes and lenghts.

Nail art by: @phoebesummernails

Nail art by: @nails.byliz

Nail art by: @chaos.nails

Nail art by: @dais_does_nails

Nail art by: @heygreatnails

Chic and cool.

Nail art by: @beautique_kent

Chic and cool.

Nail art by: @phoebesummernails

Which blue flower design is your favorite?

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Love, Stella

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